Style vs Substance

April 29th, 2003 | by Andrew Ó Baoill |

Interesting piece from Joi Ito about different types of internet users. He brings up McLuhan to explain why some people like Wikis and others don’t. Talks about two types of users – those looking for information/data, and those more interesting in ‘pretty’ content. I wonder whether the dichotomy is a useful one – some of the most data-greedy people I know are also interested in aesthetics.

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  2. By Mark on Apr 29, 2003 | Reply

    Hello Andrew,

    followed you here through Joi’s trackback and I have you on RSS!

    It is funny, I am a fine artist, and I could care less about how wiki looks. It is not what I am interested in at the time.

    Maybe it is about introduction to the web?

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