Exploring Flickr

August 9th, 2005 | by aobaoill |

Ireland-GlandoreCoCork-DrombergStoneCircleOriginally uploaded by nznomad.I’ve just started seriously exploring Flickr in the last few days – I know, I know, so behind the curve on this one – and I’ve found it fascinating on many levels. So well designed, both in usability and the features available.I’m blogging this from within Flickr, and pointing towards a photograph of a stone circle just outside Glandore in West Cork – conveniently tagged Glandore.For those interested, just a few yards from the circle is a Fulacht Fiadh (or fulacht fia, depending on your preference), which was a megalithic cooking pit. The method it is believed was used was to heat stones in a fire, and then drop them in a pit of water, thereby heating it and cooking the food.

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