Toronto community station gains praise for aiding youth

December 15th, 2006 | by aobaoill |

A Toronto Community Radio station was among groups granted a total of CAN$3.5m as an aid to youth programs in ‘at-risk’ areas:

While 19 programs in 13 disadvantaged neighbourhoods have received funding so far, the mayor said he was especially impressed by CFPK, Flemo City Radio, a Flemingdon Park community radio station that was granted $81,350.
“I believe Flemo Radio is an important model because it does two things: It gives the young people of this community their own voice and when they have their own voice, they can make change themselves and it’s a very strong voice,” Miller said.
“Secondly, it teaches them state-of-the-art skills about how to run and operate a radio station, which can lead to employment and a long-term career.”

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