Radio regulation in Ireland

December 23rd, 2006 | by aobaoill |

Just in time to be buried in the Christmas rush, two stories on radio regulation in Ireland. First, iTrip-style devices have now been legalized. Second, the BCI drew my attention, through their press release, to the release of a new Broadcasting (Amendment) Bill, which will enable the digital transition on both television and (it would seem) radio:

The Bill provides for the licensing of digital terrestrial television (DTT) in Ireland and will allow for progress towards the switch-off of analogue services. The Bill confers additional functions on the BCI, specifically in licensing multiplex contractors who will provide multiplexes of programming on both digital terrestrial television and digital terrestrial radio. The Bill also provides that the BCI will run a competitive process for the award of multiplex contracts for both television and radio and will define the terms and conditions under which these contracts will be awarded.

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