Community radio roundup: new station in Brattleboro, Chef Ra passes, Indian T&Cs

December 27th, 2006 | by aobaoill |

Community radio returns to Brattleboro with the launch of WVEW, serving southern Vermont (this time it’s FCC-approved).Chef Ra, long-time WEFT DJ (Champaign, IL), and High Times columnist, has passed away. May he rest in peace.Meanwhile, a year-end review of the activities of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in India lays out the terms under which community licenses (as previously discussed on this site) are granted:

The programme content on such stations should be of immediate relevance to the community. The emphasis should be on developmental, agricultural, health, educational, environmental, social welfare, community development and cultural programmes. The programming should reflect the special interests and needs of the local community. At least 50% of the content shall be generated with the participation of the local community, for which the station has been set up. Programmes should preferably be in the local language and dialect (s). Limited advertising and announcements relating to local events, local businesses and services and employment opportunities has been allowed, subject to the maximum duration of five minutes per hour of broadcast. Revenue generated for advertisement and announcements shall be utilized only for the operational expenses and capital expenditure of the station. 

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