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September 14th, 2007 | by aobaoill |

One of my current side projects is the radio show I present with Bob Naiman on WRFU. A Critical Ear covers a range of US domestic and foreign policy developments. Bob works for Just Foreign Policy and is incredibly well informed on foreign policy, activism, and labor issues, so it’s a constant pleasure and learning experience to do the show with him.Last week we tried something new, conducting two phone interviews, and also recording the show (using GarageBand) for rebroadcast the following day. I’ve now edited that recording slightly and Patrick McElwee, who also works for JFP, and Sam Husseini, who works for the Institute for Media Accuracy, but here talks about some of his side projects.Incidentally, the interview with McElwee was conducted when he was in Mexico, and he was using SkypeIn to get his calls there. I’d like to be able to use SkypeOut to reach callers for the show, but that’s slightly beyond the technical capability of our rather basic studio at WRFU at the moment – maybe some day soon….

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