Irish media literacy conference

September 17th, 2007 | by aobaoill |

I recently got a mail calling for proposals for a symposium on “Media | Literacy | Education” to take place 3rd November in Dublin. Proposals are due by 28th September:

We are specifically looking for people to contribute to A) parallel breakout sessions and B) general assembly presentations.
The facilitated parallel breakout sessions will be thematically categorised. They will offer participants the opportunity to share and learn ideas and skills from each others’ models of implementation. The uniting focus will be media literacy education (also encompassing media awareness, media studies, etc). It is envisaged that the breakouts will be broken down according to primary / post-primary / community, or other similar categorisation. Each individual contributor to the breakouts will be given 3-5 minutes.
The general assembly presentations (10 mins) will offer speakers the opportunity to explore the history of media literacy education in Ireland – with a view to charting its future progression. We are looking to find three clear, distinct and innovative perspectives that will stimulate new ideas and new activities. The general assembly presentations will be followed by a facilitated panel discussion with questions from the floor.

Proposals should be sent to organizer Dave Dunn.

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