Community radio show goes online-only, avoids indecency restrictions

December 22nd, 2007 | by aobaoill |

DIY, Portland is normally broadcast monthly on KBOO. This month, however, the content would risk falling foul of FCC regulation if broadcast over the airwaves – they’re focusing on masturbation – so they’ve turned to the web (for this particular episode). An interesting contrast to other community radio programmers I’ve come across recently who are finding DMCA regulations too restrictive, and eschewing webcasting for a solely over-the-airwaves experience. Indecency restrictions on air, copyright online – that should tell us something about about the differing governing logics of each (and how programmers might think about leveraging the strengths of each medium to better reach their audiences).

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  2. By Julie Sabatier on Dec 23, 2007 | Reply

    Thanks for bringing attention to the show (I’m the the producer/host). Anyone can here at it at or I hope more people will start using the radio to drive listeners to web-only content that doesn’t fall within FCC guidelines. The station (KBOO) worked closely with me on this and we all saw it as a fun, subversive project.

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