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July 29th, 2008 | by aobaoill |

I had planned to blog more from GRC, but my airport card stopped working on Friday, which was somewhat of an annoyance. I was pleased that my session on podcasting was reasonably successful – we didn’t get into discussing much of the more arcane aspects of adopting podcasting for community radio, such as the impact on localism, but we did have some useful discussion of concerns around copyright, and managed to swap some resources in that and other areas. More generally, the conversations about podcasting, community radio, and more – both in sessions and in between – were informative and thought-provoking. Sessions on AMARC, wikis in news-programming (by the wonderful Rustbelt radio folks) and other topics reminded me why I love this area, and gave me ideas both for my research and other projects.
The keynotes, by independent journalists from Oaxaca and Palestine, were humbling and inspiring. I look forward to downloading the promised audio soon and making it available through A Critical Ear.
The food… the food was abundant and delicious. Props to the various caterers and restaurants used. The scenery, in Portland and on the train journey from and to Seattle, was beautiful and refreshing. Powell’s was a rare treat (as was a return visit to Left Bank Books in Seattle this afternoon).
Finally, the KBOO studios were impressive and inspiring. Their audio archive – with 40 years of public affairs tapes, cassettes, and more, from independent and radical sources – is the sort of place I’d love to have an opportunity to ensconce myself in for a considerable period.
More detail when I return to Urbana and am able to compile some of my notes and recordings from the event. Until then, a fair summary is: inspiring and useful. Both Portland and GRC demand return visits.

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