Unusual emails

July 26th, 2003 | by aobaoill |

I recently got an email from a Dutch email address asking for my assistance. The writer, whose name I did not recognise, promised to pay me 15 Euro for each letter I would forward to him, claiming a need for (but presumed lack of) a postal address in Ireland. I think this may be related to the fact that the .ie domain is a selective domain, and one needs an Irish connection in order to get a domain.
Has anyone else received a mail like this, and do you have any theories or information in relation to this? Am I wrong, and could this be legitimate? I attach the mail below.

From: “Scholten, S.J. (Verzamelmarkt)”
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 12:53:01 +0200
Hi Andrew,
I need a postal address in Ireland (domainreg) Can you help me out?¬† I’ll pay 15 euro’s for each letter you’ll send thruw!
Sander Scholten Netherlands

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