Selling daughters for food

July 30th, 2003 | by aobaoill |

From Interworld Radio:

Starving Malawians are selling their daughters to pay for food, say human rights campaigners in the country. The traditional practice is called kupimbira, and has resurfaced in the past two years during the country’s devastating famine. In one example a family parted with their 13-year-old girl in exchange for 45 US dollars. Daughters have also been exchanged for a loan of cattle.

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  2. By heather on Aug 5, 2003 | Reply

    Andrew, not to belittle the serious problem of famine etc, but at this run in to the Worlds, God, if I had a daughter I would consider selling her for food. (to the soundtrack of my self-inflicted grumbling stomach). I couldn’t resist that, but in a horrible way doesn’t that just put things in perspective? We (in the privileged first world) say we thrive on challenges. But seriosly do we? I mean is “life” a challenge ever if you are surviving within that net of security? When you know that if you fail you r task, you just have to leave with the shame, or disappointment etc., but at least you get to live… (and no Im not obsessed with my own life… I swear… self absorbed? Me? Never!!)

  3. By Don Stephens on May 18, 2004 | Reply

    In a way I wish I could bring 7 girls over here I would put them thru school, teach them horseback riding and allow them to be children
    I have daughters of my own and my sons are all in the military so it get lonly in a seven bedroom farm. later when the girls graduate they can stay with me and build houses on the farm and try to help there familys come over or I will be happy to send them back if they like.
    no one should ever go hungry and have to sell there chilren for food

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