FBI deny monitoring political speech, monitor anti-war groups

November 23rd, 2003 | by aobaoill |

The New York Times has news of an FBI memo sent to local law enforcement authorities calling for them to monitor antiwar demonstrators, because – allegedly – of the risk of ‘terrorism’:

The memorandum urged local law enforcement officials “to be alert to these possible indicators of protest activity and report any potentially illegal acts” to counterterrorism task forces run by the F.B.I. It warned about an array of threats, including homemade bombs and the formation of human chains.
The memorandum discussed demonstrators’ “innovative strategies,” like the videotaping of arrests as a means of “intimidation” against the police. And it noted that protesters “often use the Internet to recruit, raise funds and coordinate their activities prior to demonstrations.”

Human chains? Wow – good thing the FBI are watching out for those dangerous acts!

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