AMARC and others call for Nigeria to implement African Charter on Broadcasting

November 27th, 2003 | by aobaoill |

The African chapter of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC Africa) has joined the Panos Institute of West Africa and the Institute for Media and Society (IMS) in calling on the Nigerian government to adopt the African Charter on Broadcasting.
Last week, the groups launched an initiative called “Building Community Broadcasting in Nigeria,” aimed at lobbying the Nigerian government to strengthen community radio in the country and ensure media diversity.

They say the African Charter on Broadcasting, endorsed by the African Union last July, serves as a useful roadmap for reform. It proposes a three-tier structure that comprises a state radio sector, a private sector and a community radio sector.
AMARC Africa says the Nigerian government should also initiate legislative reforms to recognise the role of community radio and to provide licensing. Community broadcasters should be given equal access to radio frequency allocations as part of an open and transparent process involving all broadcasters, the group says. “An equitable frequency allocation plan is critical to the development of a redoubtable radio regime.”
As reported by IFEX.

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