Story propagation on and off line

February 27th, 2004 | by aobaoill |

My pointer to the Joyce estate’s actions in relation to Bloomsday has been picked up by a lot of other weblogs – which is consistent with my observation that intellectual property is one of the main topics to take advantage of the highly skewed propagation trail in weblogs. Now it has migrated to print, with my comments being picked up by The Scotsman newspaper. That story has, in turn, been picked up by the LA Times, but this time with my comments omitted…

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  2. By Mr. David on Mar 1, 2004 | Reply

    ‘Joycean’? Is that like ‘gargantuan’?

  3. By Andrew Ó Baoill on Mar 1, 2004 | Reply

    A friend commented that it “sounds like you’re full of happiness and joy…in an ocean…or something like that…”

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