Feminist music

March 28th, 2005 | by aobaoill |

Clancy over at CultureCat lists some feminist songs (for a friend who wants examples for class). One she doesn’t mention that I always find intriguing is Peggy Seeger‘s Gonna Be An Engineer. Peggy was, of course, the partner of the great British songwriter Ewan MacColl (he wrote First Time Ever I Saw Your Face for her, and was also responsible for gems such as My Old Man, Shoals of Herring – part of a large set of working ballads – and perhaps most famously Dirty Old Town) and is half-sister to Pete Seeger and sister of Mike Seeger, both of course also well known singers/songwriters. I only have one album by Peggy, a wonderful compilation of her Folkways years, but I think she also features on some Ewan MacColl albums I have.

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