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June 27th, 2005 | by aobaoill |

I’ve made a number of changes to the funferal site in recent days. I’ve updated the listing of RSS feeds to which I subscribe – including the Irish language An t-Imeall (the edge/border) to which I linked in a recent post.
I’ve also been experimenting with various additional styles for use within entries. In particular I’ve added styling for the quote tag – I’m still not happy with how it looks, but it’s in flux – I’ve added italics to blockquotes and I’ve added a ‘book’ style that will allow particular styling for book titles and the like.
I’ve also added a listing of the last three comments on the three most-recently commented pages. The sidebar is beginning to look quite crowded at this stage so I may look to remove some features, but I’ll have to think about that.
Incidentally, it seems that I’ve had 59 genuine comments and trackbacks since January, more than I had thought. Perhaps it was the (approximately) 10,000 spam trackbacks and comments that drowned them out in my mind….

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  2. By Simon McGarr on Jun 28, 2005 | Reply

    Make that 60.
    I’ve been playing with the iTunes Podcast thingy today. As far as I can see, the field is wide open for a good idea to eat up all the attention. At launch, it’s still a rag bag of US radio offcasts.
    When will we see FLIRT FM on, do you think?

  3. By Andrew Ó Baoill on Jun 28, 2005 | Reply

    Good question. I know they’re looking at the idea of a webcast feed.
    One of the problems with podcasts is that copyright licensing agencies are wary of licensing the static files created in podcasting – they prefer the ephemeral, streaming nature of webcasting which they feel is less likely to eat into record sales. For this reason there are fewer music-based podcasts around than you might expect.
    For a station such as Flirt FM to do podcasts they could manually do several talk-based shows, or they could look towards technology that would automagically package each new show as a podcast. The former seems more doable to me – and also skirts the copyright issue.
    Incidentally, as mentioned here previously, I hope to launch a podcast later this year that will be a show on WRFU here in Urbana and will focus on global media developments – we’ll see how it works out!

  4. By Imeallach on Jun 30, 2005 | Reply

    “the edge/border”
    Correct, of course – but also “the periphery or margin” – which kind of describes the perspective from which I blog! 🙂
    Go raibh maith agat as an nasc, Andrew! Great blog you’ve got here by the way. I had left Galway before Flirt FM started, but I was involved in a station called UCG-FM back in 1990. We got one of the first special-event licenses from the IRTC (now BCI) for rag-week that year. We had a temporary studio in the art gallery under the old college bar, an antenna stuck out a window at the top of that tower, and a signal that barely reached Mill Street! Great to see Flirt FM celebrate 10 years. Congratulations to all concerned.

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