McSweeney and Chomsky

April 26th, 2003 | by Andrew Ó Baoill |

The current edition of McSweeney’s has quite a funny parody of Chomsky and Zinn analysing the Lord of The Rings. Choice quote:

Chomsky: How do you think these wizards build gigantic towers and mighty fortresses? Where do they get the money? Keep in mind that I do not especially regard anyone, Saruman included, as an agent for progressivism. But obviously the pipe-weed operation that exists is the dominant influence in Middle Earth. It’s not some ludicrous magical ring.
Zinn: You’ve mentioned in the past the various flavors of pipe-weed that Hobbits have cultivated: Gold Leaf, Old Toby, etc.
Chomsky: Nothing better illustrates the sophistication of the smuggling ring than the fact that there are different brand names associated with the pipe-weed. Ah, here we have Gandalf smoking a pipe in his wagon – the first of many clues that link us to the hidden undercurrents of power.

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