Incomes in Ireland

August 8th, 2003 | by Andrew Ó Baoill |

I asked, they answered. Thanks to my friend Micheál I was directed to the website of CORI’s Justice Commission, which includes some interesting data on incomes. They concentrate on the more relevant ‘disposable income’ rather than on gross or net incomes.

From their site:

  • The top quintile (20%) of Irish households have more than 8 times the disposable income of the bottom quintile.
  • The top decile (10%) have more than 11 times the disposable income of the bottom decile.

    Doing some approximations [such as that distribution of disposable incomes matches that of income, where the previous is not listed] I have estimated average incomes across deciles as:

    Household group Annual (average) income
    Top Decile (10%) EUR45,908
    2nd Decile EUR29,742
    3rd to 5th Decile EUR20,106
    6th to 8th Decile EUR10,753
    9th Decile EUR4,879
    Lowest Decile EUR4,142
    Average of all households EUR17,725
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    2. By SHANE TRACEY on Jan 10, 2004 | Reply

      Thankyou for the information on the disposable income ratios. How does it compare with other EU countries?

      Shane Tracey.

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