The smoking ban in Ireland

March 29th, 2004 | by Andrew Ó Baoill |

So, one day down, and so many yet to go. Heading around Galway today, in the wake of the new smoking ban was interesting, and invigorating for someone like myself who is a non- (anti-) smoker. From lunchtime, spent in a cafe, Banana Phoblacht, that generally has one degenerate smoker in the corner, through my time in the well-policed College bar, to my visit to the GPO nightclub, it was a fascinating experience. From seeing the bikers smoking around the side of Sally Longs, to the smoker made to quench his cigarette in the College Bar, it was fun (as a non smoker). Then, as we reached the GPO, we realised that the apparent queue was actually people headed out for a quick smoke. Inside, the difference was immediately noticeable.

From the increased clarity (OK, maybe that was wishful thinking) to the ability to smell odours, it was a brave new world. Although I spent most of the night in the Drum, with DJs Erika and Gugai, I did head into the main club on occasion. Immediately on entering I noticed the various colognes and perfumes. Then, as I neared the bar, I smelt Apricot – in a bar! – presumably coming from some alcoholic drink, though possibly some strong perfume. With the joy came pain, as I then encountered BO and the like. All in all though, amazing to be able to encounter so many scents – and then come home and not have a smell of smoke on my clothes

In terms of impact on the economy, it seemed to me and others that the crowd out in the nightclub was at least average (given time of year). What are the odds that the only loser is the exchequer in terms of tax on cigarettes? (I’m betting at least 10% reduction over the next 6 months.)

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  2. By Clancy on Apr 3, 2004 | Reply

    Oh, I wish I were there with you, Andrew! I love smoke-free bars, and Ireland is one of the top two places in the world that I want to visit (the other is Croatia). 🙂

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