Activism compendium

April 30th, 2008 | by Andrew Ó Baoill |

A number of items today, from a range of sources.

First, the picture to the left is of Labour TD Joe Costello, who for the last 5 years has run a weekly protest outside the Mater hospital, calling for better healthcare.

Second, potentially good news for grad employees in private universities in the United States, as a bill in introduced in Congress to guarantee them the right to join unions and be represented by them.

Finally, it’s been a hard time for those fighting for the undocumented Irish in the United States, with our own Taoiseach essentially throwing them to the wolves during his visit in March. However, the ILIR isn’t giving up, and Kelly Fincham is quoted in their most recent release as calling for increased ambitions and “a solution which reverses what Senator Kennedy described as the one of the unforeseen consequences of the 1965 Immigration Act: the ‘dramatic and significant’ discrimination against Irish immigrants.”

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